Tech in Asia featured us on their blog

Tech in Asia featured us on their blog

We were featured on the Tech in Asia blog as one of eight startups with fresh approaches, ranging from restaurant recommendations via Instagram to a wearable camera that takes pictures with the blink of an eye.

And that is what they said about us:

“This promising startup develops advanced sensor technology, and is currently working on creating a novel type of AR goggles. Their sensitive 3D orientation sensors can be used in different fields from sports to medicine, and even function in naval environments. LP-Research frequently collaborates with other players in hi-tech solutions, from accurately navigating autonomous drones for the European Space Agency to creating innovative solutions for human-device interaction with Google ATP. Going through their portfolio feels like browsing the future.”

Thank you so much, we are so happy!

Tech in Asia Tokyo 2016 has started today. Please come by and visit us in our booth on Wednesday, September 7. Looking forward!