LP-RESEARCH - Advanced Sensor Systems and Sensor Fusion Solutions

Inertial Measurement Units for Industrial Applications

Our inertial measurements units are high accuracy and compact units that are ideal for industrial applications. They offer a variety of communication interfaces that allow easy integration into existing designs.

Human Motion Sensing

Our LPMS-B inertial measurement units (IMU) are capable of fast and accurate 3D orientation sensing. For activity monitoring in sports and medical applications we offer electromyography (EMG) / mechanomyogram (MMG) combination sensors.

Application Support and Customization

For customers looking for an optimized, application-specific solution we offer a design and customization service. We solve your sensing problem!


Use Cases

Our sensor systems (IMU, EMG etc.) are suitable for a wide range of application fields ranging from virtual / augmented reality to automotive and naval environments.


The connection to our customers doesn't end with the delivery of a product. We understand that thorough support for our products and services is essential for successful system implementation.


Please contact us anytime for support inquiries or direct orders. We are happy to help you find the sensor system that is best suitable for your application.