We have been playing around with several applications of the LPMS sensors and thought that an interesting one might be tracking a person’s head movements in real-time. This might be useful for virtual reality applications, medical training, tele-control systems etc. The important thing that we would like to show in the video above is that we can record head movements at high sampling frequencies (200Hz in the video) and low latency (average 1.5ms in the video). We use gyroscope information to achieve good response times and keep measurements drift-free by correcting the gyroscope data using the magnetometer (yaw axis) and accelerometer (roll and pitch axis).

This implementation is based on a great demo called San Angeles Observation by jetro (his page). We added some music of our own.

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I like to create magical things, especially projects related to new technologies like augmented and virtual reality, mobile robotics and MEMS-based sensor networks. I code in C(++) and Python, trying to keep up with my very talented colleagues :-)

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