So far we have offered our customers only one packing option for the LPMS-CU, our standard blue plastic casing. The plastic case is small, very light and fairly robust. However, in harsh environments or in places that engineers regularly access with larger tools, we thought that a more rugged case for the LPMS-CU might be desireable. Therefore we have designed a new Aluminium casing option for LPMS-CU: the LPMS-CU-Rugged. Customers can from now on order this casing as an option when purchasing the LPMS-CU. The case is slightly larger and heavier than the plastic case, but made from 2mm Aluminium, it is almost indestructable.

About Klaus Petersen

I like to create magical things, especially projects related to new technologies like augmented and virtual reality, mobile robotics and MEMS-based sensor networks. I code in C(++) and Python, trying to keep up with my very talented colleagues :-)