LPEMMG-B – Electromyography / Mechanomyogram Sensor Solution with Bluetooth Connectivity


The LP-Research electromyography / mechanomyogram sensor Bluetooth version (LPEMMG-B) is a miniature electromyography / mechanomyogram measurement solution. The unit analyzes skeletal muscle activity of the human body. Data is acquired at a maximum frequency of 1000 Hz and a noise RTI of 2.64 uVrms. The unit uses specially designed 100nm gold-coated electrodes that can be attached to the human skin without prior conditioning.

Additionally to a traditional electromyography voltage measurement, the sensor allows recording of muscle and joint sound using two MEMS microphones placed in-between the gold electrodes. This additional measurement method gives users the ability to gain deeper insight about how muscle activation and acutal muscle motion / joint movement are connected. The unit is fully integrated with the OpenMAT toolkit.


Product type LPEMMG-B
Size LPEMMG-B: 45 x 37 x 20 mm
LPEMMG-B OEM: 28 x 20 x 12 mm
Weight LPEMMG-B: 34 g
Communication link Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 2.412-2.484 GHz
Communication distance < 18 m
EMG Sampling rate 1000 Hz
ADC resolution 12-bit
Bandwidth 20Hz – 450Hz
Gain 1500
Analog input range 0.1V – 2.9V
Noise RTI 2.64 uVrms
Power line noise rejection Amplifier common-mode rejection driven right leg
DC input rejection Passive differential filter
DC offset removal from INA Feedback integrator
Movement artifact rejection Input filter, feedback integrator
Microphone sensitivity -26 dBFS
Microphone signal-to-noise ratio 63 dB
Power supply Lithium battery (3.7V@100mAh)
Battery run-time ~3 hours
Temperature range -20 to +60 °C
Software C++ library for Windows, JAVA library for Android, LpEmgControl software and Open Motion Analysis Toolkit (OpenMAT) for Windows.


Product Package contents Price
LPEMMG-B 1 x LPEMMG-B sensor
2 x Micro USB cables
1 x User guide card
1 x Warranty & support (1 year)
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LPEMMG-B OEM 1 x LPEMMG-B mainboard
1 x LPEMMG-B Bluetooth communication board
1 x User guide card
1 x Warranty and support (1 year)
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