About Us

LP-RESEARCH team researches and develops sensing systems and sensor fusion solutions for VR, AR, IoT, emerging technologies, and other limitless applications. Our core hardware products are inertial measurement units (IMUs). Based on our original sensor fusion algorithms, we apply our core technology to augmented and virtual reality use cases for industrial and consumer applications. In particular, for any AR/VR application in a moving vehicle, this functionality of the in-car VR tracking system is essential to provide an immersive experience to the user. LP-Research team provides complete solutions to customers and enables them to get everything from a single supplier, including full technical support.



Leadership Team

Zhuohua Lin, PhD

Chief Financial Officer | Co-CEO

Huei Ee Yap, PhD

Chief Technology Officer | Co-CEO

Klaus Petersen, PhD

Head of Software Engineering

Scientific Advisors

Massimiliano Zecca

Prof. Massimiliano Zecca

Atsuo Takanishi

Prof. Atsuo Takanishi