We also offer a so-called OEM version of our sensors. That means a bare bone version of the sensor without case and (in the case of LPMS-B) battery. We recommend buying a full development kit for testing of the sensor for first-time customers. However if you intend to integrate the sensor into your special design, the reduced space requirements of the OEM version might be very attractive.

Additionally to connectivity provided by the daughterboard, the LPMS-CU and LPMS-B mainboard can communicate by RS-232 (TTL levels). The RS-232 levels can be accessed through the SMD connector (as shown below) between sensor mainboard and communication daughterboard. Please contact us, if you need further information about this connector.

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I like to create magical things, especially projects related to new technologies like augmented and virtual reality, mobile robotics and MEMS-based sensor networks. I code in C(++) and Python, trying to keep up with my very talented colleagues :-)