LPVR-DUO: LPVR Middleware for In-Vehicle AR/VR visualization solution

LPVR-DUO is an in-car AR/VR tracking system that fuses inertial measurement data using a special predictive algorithm based on a head motion model.

Building on the technology we developed for our IMU sensors and large scale VR tracking systems, we have created a full motion tracking and rendering pipeline for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. The LPVR middleware is a full solution for AR / VR that enables headset manufacturers to easily create a state-of-the-art visualization pipeline customized to their product.

The tracking backend of the LPVR middleware solution for VR and AR is especially advanced in the aspect that it allows the flexible combination of multiple optical systems and inertial measurement units (IMUs) for combined position and orientation tracking. Specifically, this in-car VR tracking system enables the de-coupling of the head motion of a user and the motion of a vehicle the user might be riding in, such as a car or airplane.

In this way the interior of a vehicle can be displayed as static relative to the user, while the scenery in the environment of the vehicle moves with vehicle motion. For any application of augmented reality or virtual reality application in a moving vehicle, this functionality is essential to provide an immersive experience to the user. LP-Research is the industry leader for providing customized sensor fusion solutions for augmented and virtual reality.

Key Features

  • Flexible zero-latency tracking adaptable to any combination of IMU and optical tracking
  • Rendering pipeline with motion prediction, late latching and asynchronous timewarp functionality
  • Calibration algorithms for optical parameters (lens distortion, optical see-through calibration)
  • Full integration in commonly used driver frameworks like OpenVR and OpenXR
  • Specific algorithms and tools to enable VR / AR in vehicles (car, plane etc.) or motion simulators
  • Full update support for the latest SteamVR versions

Supported HMDs

  • LPVIZ (LP-Research AR headset)
  • HTC VIVE / VIVE Pro / VIVE Pro 2
  • Varjo VR-1 / VR-2 / XR-1 / XR-3 / XR-4
  • Valve Index
  • Pimax
  • Customization to support further devices (Oculus Quest etc.) on request


  • VR/AR-based in-car guidance systems
  • Immersive visualization for motion simulators
  • In-vehicle entertainment systems
  • Visual augmentation systems for aeropspace applications


Product name LPVR-DUO
Compatible HMDs see above
Compatible optical tracking systems ART, OptiTrack, VICON, VRPN-based tracking solutions
Compatible software Unity, Unreal, Autodesk VRED, all SteamVR-compatible applications, Varjo Base
Position accuracy typically sub-mm
Rotation accuracy 0.2°
Tracking latency Zero latency (using head motion prediction)
Tracking space Unlimited (depending on optical tracking setup)
Driver software OpenVR driver, Varjo Base driver
Update rate 1000Hz
Operating system Windows 10 and newer
System components Vehicle-fixed IMU, HMD marker holder, accessory cables and screws
Licensing License dongle


Product Package contents Price
LPVR-DUO 1 x Security dongle
1 x IMU sensor
1 x IMU marker holder
1 x HMD marker holder
1 x Maintenance contract 1year
1 x Accessories ( cables, suitcase etc )
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