LPVR-CAD: Location-based AR/VR Tracking Solution for Immersive 3D Visualization


LPVR-CAD is a location-based VR tracking system. Consumer virtual reality head mounted display (HMD) systems such as the HTC VIVE or Valve Index support so-called room scale tracking. These systems are able to track head and controller motion of a user not only in a sitting or other stationary position, but support free, room-wide motions.

The volume of this room scale tracking is limited to the capabilities of the specific system, usually covering around 5m x 5m x 3m. Whereas for single user games or applications this space may be sufficient, especially multi-user, location-based VR applications such as arcade-style game setups or enterprise applications require larger tracking volumes.

Optical tracking systems such as ART offer tracking volumes of more than 15m x 15m x 3m. Although the positioning accuracy of optical tracking systems are in the sub-millimeter range, especially orientation measurement is often not sufficient to provide an immersive experience to the user. Image processing and and signal routing may introduce further latencies.

Our location-based AR/VR tracking system solves this problem by combining optical tracking information with inertial measurement data using a special predictive algorithm based on a head motion model.

Supported HMDs

  • HTC VIVE / VIVE Pro / Vive Pro 2
  • Varjo VR-1 / VR-2 / XR-1
  • Valve Index
  • Pimax
  • Customization to support further devices (Oculus Quest etc.) on request


Product name LPVR-CAD
Compatible HMDs HTC VIVE Pro (2), Valve Index, Varjo VR-1 / VR-2 / XR-1, Pimax
Compatible optical tracking systems ART, Optitrack, VICON, VRPN-based tracking solutions
Compatible software Unity, Unreal, Autodesk VRED, all SteamVR-compatible applications
Controller support VIVE controller
Inertial measurement unit LPMS-CU2 with VR firmware
Position accuracy 1-10mm (depending on optical tracking setup)
Rotation accuracy 0.2°
Tracking latency Zero latency (using head motion prediction)
Tracking space Unlimited (depending on optical tracking setup)
Driver software OpenVR driver
Update rate 800Hz
Operating system Windows 10 with latest SteamVR environment
System components IMU sensor, HMD marker holder, hand controller marker holder, accessory cables and screws
Licensing License dongle


Product Package contents Price
LPVR-CAD 1 x IMU sensor
1 x HMD marker holder
1 x Hand controller marker holder
1 x Accessory cable and screws
1 x Security dongle
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LPVR-CAD full set in box