LPMS-CURS3: OEM Version 9-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) / AHRS with USB, CAN Bus and UART Connectivity


LPMS-CURS3 is a high performance miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU) with multiple communication interfaces. Integrating CAN Bus, USB and UART, the LPMS-CURS3 perfectly fits both machine and human motion measurements for size and cost sensitive applications. LPMS-CURS2 is shipped without housing and is ideal for integration with your own device.

Please note that while all versions of LPMS-CURS3 support USB communication, additionally only one (either RS232, TTL serial or CAN bus) interface is supported by the firmware. When ordering please let us know which communication mode you would like to use.

The unit contains a 32-bit digital signal processor capable of running all calculations on-board in real-time. For more information on our sensor fusion method please refer to the IMUcore description.

LPMS-CURS3’s CAN bus interface allows connecting the sensor to a larger CAN bus infrastructure. The sensor supports a minimal CANopen implementation as well as a customizable sequential CAN message format. The amount of measurement data transmitted via CAN bus can be freely configured using the LPMS-Control2 software. Depending on transfer rate settings of the sensor, data rates of up to 500Hz can be achieved.


Euler angle range Roll:±90°; Pitch:±180°; Yaw:±180°
Resolution 0.01°
Accuracy < 0. 5°(static), < 2° RMS (dynamic)
Output data type Raw data/Euler/Quaternion/Linear acceleration/Air pressure/Temperature
Internal sampling rate 500Hz
Communication interface CAN Bus RS232 TTL(UART)
Max. baudrate 1Mbps 921600bps 921600bps
Communication protocol LPCAN/CANOpen LPBUS/ASCII LPBUS/ASCII
Max. data update rate 500Hz
Accelerometer range 3 axes, ±2/±4/±8/±16g, 16bits
Gyroscope range 3 axes, ±125/±250/±500/±1000/±2000/±4000°/s, 16bits
Gyroscope noise density 0.005dps/√Hz
Magnetometer range 3 axes, ±2/±8gauss, 16bits
Pressure sensor 300~1100hPa
Power consumption <135mW@5V <110mW@5V <90mW@5V
Working temperature -20~80°C
Size  22x28x7.65
Weight 4g
Power supply 5V~18V DC
Connector BM08B 1.25mm | Micro USB-B


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Product Package contents Price
LPMS-CURS3 1 x LPMS-CURS3 sensor
1 x Cable (1.27mm pitch connector)
1 x User guide card
1 x Warranty service (1 year)
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